Dustin Deus

Co-Founder and Tech-Lead (WunderGraph)


Welcome to my personal blog! With a journey spanning over ten years in software engineering and research, I've developed a deep passion for crafting innovative software solutions that resonate with the latest market trends and needs. My career has been a thrilling adventure of tackling complex challenges (From Edge Caching in Rust to API Gateways and bootstrapping entire SaaS solutions like Cosmo), unwinding intricate problems (Serverless CI/CD), and joining forces with the most talented people in the industry across the globe.

At present, I hold the reins as the Co-Founder and Tech Lead at WunderGraph. Here, I play a crucial role in steering the technical direction of Cosmo, our revolutionary GraphQL federation platform. My responsibilities include leading our dynamic team and ensuring that our platform not only meets but sets new industry benchmarks. I am wholeheartedly committed to transforming our product into the go-to solution for businesses eager to effectively scale and integrate their GraphQL APIs across various environments, be it on-premises, cloud, or Kubernetes. This focus is a perfect match for the evolving market demand for flexible, scalable, and efficient software solutions.


In my free time, I enjoy collaborating with the open-source community. I am also the maintainer of several open-source projects. Visit me on GitHub StarpTech. Besides that, I love good food, go to the gym, and spending time with my soulmate.