Dustin Deus

Co-Founder and Tech-Lead (WunderGraph)


Welcome to my blog! My name is Dustin, Co-Founder and Tech Lead at WunderGraph, where we're shaping the future of how businesses use GraphQL with our platform, Cosmo. My role involves leading a talented team, guiding our technical vision. I'm dedicated to making our platform the first choice for companies looking to scale and weave their GraphQL APIs seamlessly, whether they're operating on local servers, in the cloud, or using Kubernetes.

I've been navigating the software engineering and research world for over a decade, nurturing a genuine enthusiasm for developing Open-Source software that truly makes a difference. My professional journey has been filled with exciting challenges. From building Backend for Frontend's, enhancing API performance with GraphQL Edge Caching in Rust to simplifying API integrations by building a programmable API-Gateway called WunderGraph Gateway.


In my free time, I enjoy collaborating with the open-source community. I am also the maintainer of several open-source projects. Visit me on GitHub StarpTech. Besides that, I love good food, go to the gym, and spending time with my soulmate.