Dustin Deus

Co-Founder and CTO at WunderGraph


I've been in software engineering and research for over ten years, developing a passion for creating innovative software that developers love. My career has involved solving complex issues, from designing and implementing API gateways, proxies, and web applications to developing and operating complete modern SaaS solutions like WunderGraph Cosmo. While I was always looking for new technical challenges, I've also been involved in building and leading teams. Mentoring and guiding others to success has been a rewarding experience for me.

This has led me to become Co-Founder & CTO at WunderGraph, where I can guide teams to success by providing technical direction and support. I'm a big believer in Open Source and have been contributing to various projects over the years. I am also a contributor to several open-source projects, including WunderGraph, Cosmo, HemeraJs, Fastify, OTEL, and many more. I'm always looking for new ways to contribute to the community or to build new projects that might evolve into something meaningful.

At WunderGraph, we're building the complete solution to build, manage, and deploy federated GraphQL APIs. GraphQL is the technology companies need to facilitate the development of a unified API layer that can be consumed not only by users but also by internal teams to accelerate innovation in companies. Data is the new oil, and we're here to help companies leverage their data in a more efficient way.


In my free time, I enjoy collaborating with the open-source community. Visit me on GitHub StarpTech. Besides that, I love good food, go to the gym, and spending time with my soulmate.