WunderGraph Gateway

WunderGraph is a Backend for Frontend (BFF) Framework designed to optimize Developer Workflows through API Composition.

At its core, WunderGraph combines two patterns, API Gateway and BFF with the concept of a package manager, making API composition as simple as npm install. Our mantra is: Compose, don’t integrate.

API Composition is a new pattern that allows you to interact with a heterogeneous set of APIs as if they were a single unified API. This not just eliminates a lot of glue code, but also allows you to reason about the API Dependencies of an application. Do you actually know what APIs and Services your application depends on? WunderGraph can easily answer this question for you, and even gives you analytics and observability into what APIs and Endpoints are used by your application and what the quality of service your API dependencies provide.

PLATFORMWeb, Backend

STACKGraphQL, Federation, API-Gateway, Kubernetes, BFF